Not promotional garbage.

We’ve all received them.
Cheapo pens and gizmo gadgets that break as soon as they are touched, only to leave the trade show and go straight to the garbage can and then off to the nearest landfill.

By choosing these low cost items did you really save money or did you just throw your marketing budget into the trash?

Promotional products are not promoting anything when they’re in a garbage can, and quite frankly cheap items make you look...(can you handle the truth?), or worse yet, as though you can't afford an upgrade. Not good. Not good at all.

That being said, I am not suggesting that you have to break the bank. That’s what creativity is for!
You give us your needs and your budget and we will give you a working solution.

Save the Earth, save mankind and save your companies reputation. Don’t waste prescious resources and feed landfills with cheapo promotional products.


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Environmental Commitment